We are Melissa and Doug and want with all our hearts to raise a child and support them in growing into the person they’re meant to be. 


After many years of trying to start our family, we envision this to be the year we will be blessed with the child we’ve been unable to conceive ourselves. We have built a wonderful life together and have so much love to give. We are excited about becoming parents, and we thank you in advance for considering us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

We know that life is a precious gift, and love – unconditional & unending – provides the foundation for a life of possibilities, opportunities, confidence, compassion & gratitude.

We look forward to..

  • Reading bedtime stories in fun “character voices” and making up our own endings.
  • Providing the best possible education and being “class chaperone” on field trips.
  • Exploring new placed and cultures on yearly family vacations and travels.
  • Introducing the arts (music, drawing, writing, performance…) so they always have creative ways to express themselves.
  • Applauding wildly when they are handed their diploma.
  • Walking with the dogs on our nearby bike path.
  • Visiting grandma & grandpa at Cannon Beach, exploring the tide pools, and building sand castles.
  • Decorating our bikes and riding them in the annual 4th of July Block Party “Parade”.
  • Offering a wide range of activities and supporting the development of their own interests and hobbies (even if they differ from our own.)
  • Teaching them to be inquisitive and think for themselves.
  • Providing a stable and safe home environment that allows our child to thrive.
  • …being parents.