About Us

M-D.weddingdanceWe met on the dance floor, at a swing dance called Satin Ballroom.  We got engaged on that very same dance floor with the same band playing a little over a year later; we celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2012.

 melissa.sepiaAbout Melissa (by Doug)

“The first thing I noticed about Melissa is her energy and her smile.”

  • She has a superhero-like ability for calming a frantic bride, which explains her successful career in the wedding & event industry.
  • Sometimes I catch her improvising a made up song when she’s not aware that anyone is listening.
  • She puts up with my stupid jokes and laughs at my good ones.
  • Melissa loves entertaining and frequently invites friends over (so I can cook for them, often with vegetables and herbs from our garden).

About Doug (by Melissa)doug2_small

“Doug is a goofball.  He is the funniest guy I’ve ever met, and the most endearing (and he’s a good dancer, too!)”

  • He has always wanted to be a dad and is “uncle” to every kid in the neighborhood.
  • I marvel at his ability to be ridiculously creative (he is a comedy writer) and just as masterful in analytical and practical thinking.
  • He is my rock, as well as my soft place to land.
  • We’ve created a marvelous life together and every time we talk of welcoming a child into it, his eyes sparkle with delight – literally effervescent!