Fun Facts

Singing big band tunes

Singing big band tunes


  • Fav music: Lady Gaga, Duran, Adele, Bruno Mars, as well as music from the 40’s & 50’s
  • Fav movies: When Harry Met Sally, Singing in the Rain, While You Were Sleeping, Lilo & Stitch, Mary Poppins
  • Fav tv shows:  So You Think You Can Dance, Gilmore Girls, The Good Wife, Friday Night Lights, any incarnation of Law & Order
  • Fun Fact! Melissa sings with a 40’s era big band, the same one that played at their wedding.

“I love to write and am an active blogger for the special events industry”

Playing Mickey's piano at Disneyland

Playing Mickey’s piano at Disneyland



  • Fav tv shows: Fringe, Parenthood, Modern Family
  • Fav book: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • Fav past times: vegetable gardening, walking the dogs, reading on the backyard patio, vacationing at Cannon Beach (a family tradition!)
  • Fun fact: Doug has written jokes for screenwriters and comedians, and he is currently writing his first novel.
  • Bonus fact: Doug’s job in telecom management allows him to work from home and keep a flexible schedule.

“I used to play piano as a kid and recently started taking lessons again!”