Our Family


  • “I always thought of my family as small (just me, my sister, mom and dad).  But really, we are blessed with many loving friends that we call family.”
  • “I grew up in Las Vegas.  My mom and sister live in Las Vegas, so we see them often.
  • “We have season tickets to a local theatre company and Mom loves visiting her ‘grand puppies’.”
  • “My sister’s dog, Cosmo, is the sister to our dogs, Gimlet & Sidecar!


  • “I’m the product of a Scientist (my Dad) and a teacher (my Mom).  Education has always been important and learning was always fun.”
  • “I grew up in Montana and we have lots of aunts, uncles and cousins all living throughout the west.”
  • “My younger brother and my nephew (4 years old) live in Denver and my parents now live in Washington State.
  • “We spent summer vacations visiting the Oregon coast and still carry on that family tradition.”

G&S posing